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Autumn Light

Written by Jono Hawkins on 08 Nov 2020

A break from the monotony of lockdown behind a desk in the form of a morning trip to Lesnes Abbey in South-East London.
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Glacier Acrylics

Written by Jono Hawkins on 26 Oct 2020

Paintings of the Barre des Ecrins, France and Conwaybreen, Svalbard.
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Winter in North Wales

Written by Jono Hawkins on 20 Jan 2020

It was beginning to feel like our luck might have completely run out when it comes to catching North Wales in winter nick, but two days mountaineering on the Clogwyn y Person Arete and the Llech Ddu Spur rounded off a weekend of unbelievable good conditions.
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New Year on the Misty Isle

Written by Jono Hawkins on 08 Jan 2020

A typically wet and windy winter getaway to Scotland and the Highlands to see in the New Year, with one token good weather day on the Souther Cuillin.
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